How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Colombian Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Colombian Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Colombian Coffee


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Colombian Coffee?

I am no expert on coffee. I can’t show you all the differences between varieties along with the countries of origin. No one would call me a connoisseur. So why am I writing this article?

My friends visit my house, drink my coffee and tell me it is the greatest they’ve got ever endured. So, I decided to set down what I find out about coffee and the way I help it become. I hope you think it is useful.

A good cup of joe will need to have three things: an excellent vegetable, good water, plus a good brewing process. Mess with all of these three factors, along with a cupful of hot, vile, bitter brew. No wonder more and more people inform me they just don’t like coffee.

Coffee Beans

Most with the coffee that I drink inside the USA (I live in Colombia most with the year) is weak and bitter. This is a direct reaction of letting accountants rule us.

Remember a short while ago when you stayed in a hotel generating coffee with your room? They had somewhat filter packet that you opened and hang to the coffee machine. Some accountant figured if manufacturing could take out a teaspoon of coffee, nobody would know the main difference, thereby saving his company thousands over the course of the year. Another accountant did the same couple of years later. Then it happened again. Now, I have to set two packets in to the coffee maker to get a good brew.

This same process has happened in restaurants, airlines, and offices. Lots of companies use these same kind of packets for their industrial drip coffee machines. Most of the glasses of coffee I get in the US are so thin that I can see almost towards the bottom with the cup.

Now, leading to a vicious loop. This hot, bitter water that many establishments sell as coffee causes many to proclaim, “I do not like strong coffee. It’s too bitter.” So they reduce the quantity of coffee grounds they put in their coffeemakers. And the result can be worse.

So, the initial rule of getting a great cup of coffee is by using enough coffee. This takes some experimentation. Put in enough coffee to acquire a rich dark brew.

That brings me to the second point about coffee. Brands are very different. Some are bitter, some are smooth. My favorite is Colombian coffee. The domestic Colombian brands are the most useful. They are not as bitter and so they seem to have less caffeine compared to American brands, regardless if people say 100% Colombian. There is one exception, Community Coffee. They don’t use a nationwide distribution, however, if your house is inside a thousand miles of New Orleans, you have to be able to find it.

These domestic Colombian coffees, namely “Oma” and “SelloRojo”, can be brewed dark and rich without becoming bitter.


I am amazed that folks will spend fourteen dollars to get a small package of ground coffee from some exotic location, and after that fill their coffee machine with regular faucet water. What are they thinking?

Spring water or reverse osmosis water is better. But regular water that is filtered by having a GOOD filter is OK. Be sure to look at the filter to determine which it removes chlorine plus the solid and bacterial nasties. A Berkey filter that removes all in the above plus fluoride is the best.

Some of you inside north could have good plain tap water, but within Texas, a filter strategy is mandatory to acquire a good cup of joe. I possess a water softener and a filter here North of Austin.

Brewing Method

A drip type coffeemaker can produce a drinkable cup of joe, nevertheless the percolator, French press, and espresso machine are very much superior. The acquisition cost and per cup cost in the individual cup coffeemakers takes them out from the running.

For me, a percolator is way too slow and has inadequate quantity. You wait several minutes to get two servings of coffee. The espresso machine would undertake every one of the space on my own counter, plus cost too much. And again, much like the percolator, there is not enough quantity.

The French press gives me a liter of great coffee in a very third of the time from the percolator, and it’s also cheap to get. Most places charge around $40 for the French press, but IKEA has them for $16. One coffee company provides them out free for signing on to their coffee subscription service.

For those people new to a French press, it truely does work such as this. You put coffee in a very glass beaker. Add domestic hot water. After you stir the causes to secure a good brewing action, you insert a plunger into the top of the beaker and press it down slowly.

The screen on the bottom with the plunger lets the brew pass through and presses the grounds on the bottom of the beaker. Now your coffee is preparing to drink.

I love to give a little natural sugar. This amount of sweetness is similar to an activator with the intense coffee flavor.

If you need to utilize a drip coffee brewer, replace the paper filter using a fine screen. You can find them in a number of places, but Target have the very best for your cheapest price. And remember. Use enough coffee.

I would love to hear how your experiments go.